Calling All Empty Nesters

Yes, I’m talking to you, those who’s children have flown the coop.  Whether you’re brand new at this, like me or a seasoned expert, I want to hear from you.  You might be doing the dance of joy or wallowing in self pity, maybe somewhere in between.  It doesn’t matter, LETS TALK.  Let’s pick each others brains and offer whatever state of nesting or feeling you’re experiencing. I’m a newbee, a rookie as it were. I’m a retired School Counselor.  My youngest child is a Freshman in college.  This is the first time in 34 years I have been without children.  I have to say, the anticipation was dreadful.  I had visions of pure panic, then curling up into a ball and pulling the covers over my head.  I have not done that YET but I have shed a few tears. The first few weeks were rough.  I have since experienced the preverbal sigh of relief. That comes and goes however.  Just recently I’ve been waking early and wondering what reason I have to get out of bed…  There’s always laundry and cleaning, but like I said what reason do I have?  I keep repeating my mantra, “Count my Blessings”, of which I have many.  For starters, my three children, husband and Granddaughter. It does help to snap me out of my pity party.  I take Zumba classes at a local gym, do volunteer work and occasionally get together with friends. Having down time is foreign to me.  I’m not sure what to do with that.  My husband travels during the week for his work and is home on weekends.  We enjoy each others company and make it a point to have a few date nights a month, another blessing.  I digress… So all you empty nesters, share your 2 cents or more if you are so inclined. I know there are a lot of you out there.  Us baby boomers are the biggest generation of people in the country.  Most of you that are parents are part of this Empty Nester club, if you will.  Maybe you’ve witnessed or learned from your parents when you got the boot?  Whether it’s advice, questions, revelations, etc….  Give us what you got.  Can’t wait to hear from you!



Saying Goodbye

Obviously I’m new at this empty nester and blog thing.  It’s a work in progress, bear with me.  My first few blogs were too wordy and probably bored you to death.  Blah, blah, blah…  So let me try this again, one idea at a time.  

How did you feel?  What did you say?  What did you do after you said good-bye to the last of your brood?

We dropped our youngest, Syd at her dorm after packing and moving for two days.  I was exhausted physically and emotionally.  Before we left, I said, “PLEASE be careful, PLEASE make good choices and know we love you.  I was emotional but didn’t lose it.

Our ride home was quiet.  When we got home, I put on my pjs and poured myself a tall glass of wine.  I crossed my fingers and prayed to God that the lessons we taught her will stick.